Beijing Olympics German Volkswagen Group Pavilion Project


In 2008, Ambrosius Group has undertaken the implementation of the German Volkswagen Group Pavilion Project in the central area of the Beijing Olympic Games Pavilion. The unique open access design and the perfect construction quality make it one of the most popular showcasing in the sponsors' pavilions during the Olympic Games.

The membrane structure umbrellas, which are made up of 5 well-designed lights, form a unique covered outdoor grandstand ceiling.The 70-meter double-layer movable LED wall brings a vivid and rich visual feast to the audience. The inside of the waterfall curtain wall is well surrounded by 7 outdoor glass windows, which full demonstrating the splendid tradition of the world-famous brand, Volkswagen, and both its technology and its future vision.


Venue: Beijing, Olympic Park
Size: 2100 sqm
Period: August 8, 2008 - September 17
Designer: Cebra Design Office, Germany

5 large umbrellas with a membrane structure, about 9.6m high

Up to 70 meters long double-layer movable LED wall

2 indoor sightseeing elevators and an outdoor barrier-free lifting platform

7 arched water curtain walls up to 7m high

Construction time: 3 months
Construction team: 140 people