2007 Shanghai Motor Show


At the 2007 Auto Shanghai, Ambrosius Group built stands for 8 leading car manufacturers over a total area of 5450 sqm. The variety of brands was well presented through the uniquedesign of eachstands done by Ambrosius China: Mercedes-Benz with fields of bamboo, Volvo in elegant Scandinavian style, Jaguar and Bentley representing British luxury, Ferrari &Maserati with a mixture of elegance and passion. And Bosch with high-gradedmetal modularsystems reflecting the German craftsmanship and highest precision.



Shanghai, New International Expo Center


MB: 2000 sqm

Volvo: 1100 sqm + 130 sqm (2. floor)

Daimler: 450 sqm

Jaguar: 440 sqm

Ferrari: 50 sqm

Maserati: 350 sqm

Bentley: 30 sqm

Bosch: 200 sqm + 100 sqm (2. floor)


2007.04.22 - 04.28