Ambrosius China

Ambrosius China, a new company derived from EFAS (Ernst F. Ambrosius & Sohn Gegrundet 1872 GmbH), was founded in Shanghai in 2004. Inheriting the head quarters of Ambrosius Germany, Ambrosius China has progressed rapidly over the past 10 years. Ambrosius China is well known for producing event structures for both high-end and large-scale projects, including commercial exhibition booths, market launch events, corporate showrooms, especially for the booming international and domestic Motor Show, and even events of the scale of the Beijing Olympic and Shanghai EXPO. Ambrosius’ professional teams provide sophisticated and customized event turnkey solutions — from the concept to the final implementation and the subsequent dismantling — all from a single source and fully tailored to client requirements.

We provide professional service throughout Greater China, Asia and the Asia-Pacific region, and enjoy a strong reputation in the industry. Each day, our specialized professionals bring their in-depth knowhow, innovative approaches and flexibility to the table as they work on multifaceted projects; always, sustainably, cost-effectively, reliably, with an impressive standard of quality, and right on schedule. Adhering to its craftsmanship and accumulated skills and practice, Ambrosius China has attracted numerous outstanding professionals from within the industry, and can provide quality services to customers in various international languages, including Chinese, English, and German.
Ambrosius China specializes in integrating advantages of various quality suppliers and providingdiverse clients with global services and best exhibition turnkey solutions.
















Shanghai Office

Ambrosius China was founded in Shanghai in 2004.The head office is located in China’s economic center, Shanghai. Our office and warehouse are staffed by professional design, technology, and construction management teams that have developed Ambrosius China into the industry leader in trade fair construction and marketing display. Ambrosius China is fully committed to providing the best display structures and effects. Our clients include many of the world's famous brands and companies, and we have won honors and received numerous endorsements throughout the industry. Based in China, Ambrosius China provides the very first-class German-made products and service. As the motto goes, “German Quality, China Made” is both our company value and spirit.

Yixing Factory

Ambrosius China has 12000 Sqmproduction base and 5000 Sqmstorage area in Yixing city, Jiangsu Province. The base of our production and storagehas severaldivisions such aswoodworking, painting, metal work, graphic, and electrician. To meet our company's high-quality demand, we have imported a full range of machines from Germany, Australia, and Switzerland and we have kept regularly providing professional training for our engineers both in China and overseas.

Organization Structure